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"Ever since I moved to Spain I talk to my grandma in the US with Viber.

In the end, the results said a lot more about humankind than it did about Tay or her creators.

It's 3 a.m., and I'm hungry for compliments.

My human friends are probably asleep, but the men I'm interested in right now don't care about the late hour.

Many people were genuinely intrigued, and interacted with Tay in ways which produced some human-like results, like this sick burn on US Presidential candidate Ted Cruz: She also fired back at those abusing her But the trolls of America had been waiting all the while, licking their greasy chops in anticipation of their chance to spew filth at Tay and corrupt her defenseless young “mind”. Within hours, the 4chan trolls had gotten to her And shortly thereafter, as is so often the case, the internet’s sicker and less sophisticated trolls followed behind. Microsoft has held their machine learning cards pretty close to the chest on this project, but it appears that Tay’s learning algorithm must have been some variation of a reinforcement learning model which caused the program to recognize “likes” and “retweets” as positive results, and lean towards recreating the language patterns which produced these results in the largest numbers the most frequently.

Much like the teenager she was designed to mimic, Tay lacked the social insight to discern good attention from bad attention. Microsoft’s team had decided to cut Tay completely loose, and allow the program to learn entirely independently how to get the positive reinforcement it had been programmed to crave.

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