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There`s probably no girls in there and just families.“ But then when I walked in, there were many times sexy university girls in the make-up aisle, condom section or around the store, with no guys around them, with no friends, just her alone for me to meet her and experience her beauty… Let`s say you didn`t go clubbing, but you stayed up late and wanted to meet girls.Generally, after the clubs and bars close, people tend to be very hungry and will head to fast food restaurants or diners.You can be in the bus shelter and just start a conversation or sit next to her on the bus and make jokes about what she may be listening to on her phone.

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Even though there are other drunk guys who will be approaching girls as well, if you approach a couple of girls and have a decent vibe, you are almost guaranteed to find a girl who is “down“ for hooking up. “ while then making out with you, or she may show this indirectly, being that she continues to talk to you, flirt with you, and is ok going somewhere else with you.He just had this weird obsession with it that was pretty hilarious.I would be like, “Dude, what the hell is the point?Buying temperature means emotional state and arousal.This happens because of the alcohol, the music, the validation/attention she receives from guys in the club and bars, and because women like sex like any normal human being. There is a constant stream of new girls walking on the street, so you jump from interaction to interaction without having to worry about a bad rep which in turn makes the process easier, and makes girls give you more of a fair chance as they have not met you yet.

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