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When we display our vulnerability to someone, we let them know that they’re welcome to open up to us sometime when they need to. Shared vulnerability brings people closer together over time.

Oversharing, on the other hand, can use drama to manipulate, hold another person emotionally hostage, or force the relationship in one direction.

Understand that just because you may be happy to lend a hand to your best friend on moving day doesn’t mean you also have to do the heavy emotional lifting when someone texts about their latest drama.

We all deal with complex feelings when life happens.

So set boundaries for work-life balance whenever you can.

Our tech spaces are also an increasing area of boundary-crossing concern in romantic partnerships.

The features on your tech devices offer some ways of doing this.New research shows we should take time to tune out.One study reports that just the expectation that we should be available to answer work email during nonwork time frames can decrease our well-being and create conflict in our relationships.By setting boundaries and then breaking them, when the time is right, you’re showing your vulnerability.This could be as simple as talking openly to friends and family.

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