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on the whole it's a very good piece of software especially taking into consideration the price but this is the thing I would like to change - to add more templates, more different templates and make them even more customizable.this would improve chameleons a lot and would help to become the best software in the world, which of course they want to be. it would be 5 if they had like 5 more templates at least. As a social network developer, I've worked with some large and small companies as well as created some of my own networks.I purchased when they called it abledating, now they changed their website name to chameleon and say I am not entitled to the same product and demand another 7 dollars (NO THANKS).The support is non existent, and they are outright rude.

I leave feedback about their service quality and they ban my account? contact me and I can suggest you some free script that you can use and get better support. I don't tell you do not do business with them.... I would like to share my opinion about chameleon dating and social software it is made by the websplosion Limited.No one else has it now and probably will never have. Nothing to say about the script...fact they menace to law suite you if you do...But if you want a simple website with just HTML pages you could probably use another script, like Ska Date or PHPFox. but about the support it's another storry, if you leave negative feed back ,they will ban your site and denied support... jsut read this, it's a real conversation with they support and in the case the pretend im a competitor...I wished I had never WASTED 7 on this poor script. No one is interested in more websites with just HTML pages and that is it. Everything is becoming more real, more 3D and multi faceted.Stay away is all I ask of others out there, don't get burnt like we all did. VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD SERVICE They deserve 0 Chameleon Social is certainly the best software for social and dating sites out there now. One can not create a site now without any 3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality features. The web is developing into something new, not just pages. This is why I chose this software for its 3D and interactive features.

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